Scott Galloway Says He’s Locked Out of X Account After Upsetting Musk

  • NYU professor Scott Galloway said he’s been locked out of his 564,000 follower X account for 17 days.
  • Galloway said a mutual friend told him Elon Musk felt “unfairly attacked” and wanted to meet him.
  • Galloway’s last post on X referencing Musk commented on a Reuters investigation into Tesla.

Scott Galloway, a marketing professor at NYU who’s also known as an author and public speaker, said he was locked out of his X account after a quarrel with Elon Musk.

“A mutual friend reached out and said Elon feels ‘unfairly attacked,’ by me, and wants to meet,” Galloway posted on Threads. “I declined.”

He said that two days later he could no longer access his X account, which has over half-a-million followers. “Still locked out, 17 days,” he added in a Threads post on Tuesday.

His X posts also appear not to show up in the platform’s search tool.

Galloway most recently posted about Musk on X on July 27, commenting on a Reuters investigation which said Tesla created a secret team to suppress complaints about vehicles’ driving range.

“Tesla intentionally gave drivers rosy driving range projections, leaving many stranded,” Galloway posted. “BUT you should totally bank with X.”

His sarcastic comment refers to Musk’s plans to turn the platform formerly known as Twitter into an “everything app.”

Musk said on July 25 that X would add features to give users “the ability to conduct your entire financial world.” Some prolific users have received payments from X, like the misogynist influencer Andrew Tate, who said he got $20,000.

Reuters also appeared to face a backlash from X after publishing its Tesla investigation, after links on the platform to its website saw a five-second delay — although this was seemingly reversed after news outlets reported on it.

Galloway has shared multiple posts on Threads criticizing Musk in recent days. “Elon would have been a legend … if he hadn’t started tweeting,” he said.

And he joked about Palo Alto police apprehending a man “high on ketamine, and wanting to fight,” attaching a picture of a shirtless Musk, in reference to the billionaire taunting Mark Zuckerberg.

X and Galloway did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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