Vulcan Forged Flagship Card Game Berserk Prepares to Kickstart Season 3

  • Vulcan Forged’s competitive card game, Berserk, is set to release its newest season. 
  • The new season will introduce new mechanics necessary to improve gameplay and user experience, along with a new set. 

Following the success of Season 2, Berserk’s development team analyzed the card game to identify the features that needed improvements. The team has emphasized improving server improvements for increased stability, better latency, and faster or more responsive gameplay ever since. Besides technical improvements, Berserk has also identified in-game mechanics and features that will receive tweaks and makeovers in the new season.

Better Rewards, Balanced Gameplay

Berserk season 3 will see the release of the New Beginnings set, a deck of 24 cards that will supposedly add a significant amount of viable new strategy to deck building in the game. Berserk has announced the set will be available for free during the season. It will be locked and minted to NFTs once the season is over.

Besides the new set, the season will introduce all currently available Vulcanites as playable heroes. The game expects to massively increase player numbers with access to hero powers, improving the balance of matches.

Additionally, to encourage different deck-building metas, Berserk will revamp the card draw rate. In the new season, the card draw will be reduced to one card per turn, increasing to two from turn seven onwards. The card draw rate will enable slower strategies to be more viable and highlight the importance of deck construction.

The Hearthstone Web3 counterpart is also tweaking its Matchmaking Rating (MMR) changes to cater to high-ranked players who were discouraged from playing once they reached a high level. The new season will implement a daily MMR decay that will prevent players from ‘squatting’ on rankings and avoiding matches and enforce a much more accurate ranking ladder.

Based on community suggestions, Berserk is also restructuring its Prize Structure. The current season’s prize pool starts at $50,000 and can unlock up to $100,000, depending on community activity hitting certain milestones. To encourage consistent play, Berserk has changed the restrictions on prize eligibility. Players must have a Level 2 My Forge account to be eligible for prizes. These prizes will reflect the number of games played.

So far, Berserk has implemented two of the seven prerequisites needed to kickstart the new season. The development team has not yet approved the new season’s tweaks and improvements.

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