7 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Busy Entrepreneurs In Your Life

We all have an entrepreneur near and dear to us, whether they’re a coworker, friend, or family member. Entrepreneurs are known for their innovative ideas, services, and products. They know what they want and have the determination to go after their ambitions. While these personality traits are fantastic in the business world, it can make them difficult to shop for when the holidays roll around.

What do you get someone who is always having new ideas and going after their dreams? Often you want to focus on gifting experiences or items that elevate something they’re already passionate about. Check out seven of my favorite 2022 finds to give to the risk-takers in your life.

1. Zesti Sauces and Seasonings

Many entrepreneurs appreciate good entrepreneurship. Similar to what makes shopping local worthwhile, buying from up-and-coming entrepreneurs can add a special element to a gift. If the person you’re shopping for is interested in spicing up life, Zesti sauces and seasonings could be a great gift option. Started by a hot sauce-obsessed entrepreneur, Zesti handcrafts all their products with real fruits and vegetables — without using unnecessary additives, chemicals, or fillers.

I’m planning on sending these out to some creative friends, who I think will like the unique flavors. I’ve sent their habanero garlic ranch, Wicked Rancher, to a fellow entrepreneur who owns a ranch, and it was a hit. If you’re having trouble picking the right product, you could choose a few favorites and put together a fun gift basket.

2. Wander + Ivy Wines

If the person you’re gifting for seems to have everything, consumable items are the way to go. But there are better options available than a standard fruit basket. If your friend prefers their grapes fermented, Wander + Ivy Wines make for an elegant gift intended to offer an experience.

A unique feature to this brand are their easy-to-open glass bottles, which hold a portioned 6.3-ounce pour of wine. Sourced from award-winning, family-owned vineyards around the world, gifting these wines allow busy entrepreneurs to relax with a quality glass of wine. With five vibrant varietals to choose from, you’ll be able to find a selection to please the most discerning of palates.

3. Graza Olive Oil

If you read my book Top of Mind, you know that I recommend gifting useful items so that when they’re used, you come to mind. Some examples of this could be kitchen items that will be used again and again. Surprisingly, despite using olive oil regularly, many of us have been fooled. About 80% of the olive oils that you find on the grocery store shelf are fake. They’re often mislabeled and cut with hazelnut oil or even worse alternatives.

If the entrepreneur in your life values authenticity and enjoys cooking, certified olive oil could be a great gift. Graza olive oil comes from 100% Picual olives from Spain. They offer two olive oils at the moment — one for “drizzling” and one for “sizzling.” Gifting the two as a set would look nice, and you’ll come to mind when they use them.

4. The Ridge Wallet

Elevating everyday items is key to successfully giving an entrepreneur a gift they’ll love. Many entrepreneurs care about their look, but they might forget about upgrading their wallet. Ridge Wallet is a nice gift option because it’s high quality. It can hold up to 12 cards, and its anodized aluminum plating offers a scratch-resistant surface to stand up against daily wear.

This option also offers additional protection with its RFID-blocking technology that prevents wireless theft. One of the worst things that can happen to anyone is identity theft, but it can be even more detrimental to a business owner. Gifting them that peace of mind is special, and it will make your gift stand out.

5. Cometeer Coffee Capsules

Business and coffee go hand in hand, and gifting coffee is almost always appreciated. If you don’t know their favorite roast or you want to introduce them to something new, Cometeer has made coffee more convenient. With these capsules, if they’ve got a mug and water, they can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

As soon as it’s brewed, Cometeer coffee is frozen into a small puck-like capsule using liquid nitrogen at -321°F to lock in its flavor and prolong freshness. Their signature brew method results in a smooth, flavorful cup with twice as much caffeine as a typical cup of Joe. That saves the drinker time and gives them a new coffee experience.

6. Eberlestock Performance Packs

Entrepreneurs are often on the go, and quality luggage or a new bag can make their life easier. If there’s one brand that can withstand the hustle and bustle of the entrepreneur lifestyle, it’s Eberlestock. Founded by Air Force pilot and U.S. Olympic biathlete Glen Eberle, the company produces innovative performance packs for hunters, tactical operators, and hardcore adventurers.

Their business offerings like the B1 Combat Office Brief™ allow users to carry laptops, tablets, files, and anything else that might be needed for the office or a multi-day business trip. And the laptop pocket easily zips down to allow the bag to split open for quick and painless TSA screenings. A quality gift that makes their life easier means a lot.

7. Flavored PB Co. Flavored Peanut Powder

The holidays are a time when sweets are everywhere, and it can be hard to keep up with a diet. With 90% less fat and 75% fewer calories than traditional nut butter, Flavored PB Co. peanut powders are keto-friendly and low-carb. You can help them satisfy their sweet tooth without sacrificing their health goals.

Instead of giving them a box of cookies, introduce them to something new that will help them in the long run. You could give them a variety of peanut powder flavors and include recipes alongside them. Salted caramel protein pancakes or banana nut bread donuts are popular, and you’d be giving them the ability to whip up an indulgent, healthy snack.

Remember to Make it Personal

Every entrepreneur is different, but if you find something they like, give them a quality version. Elevate their experiences in life, and you’re guaranteed to make a fantastic impression and give them a gift they’ll love.

Source link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnhall/2022/12/09/7-holiday-gift-ideas-for-the-busy-entrepreneurs-in-your-life/




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