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The Court of Instruction number 4 of Castellón announced on Wednesday the provisional dismissal of the investigation involving the former president of the Provincial Council Carlos Fabra, the golfer Sergio García and his father for possible corporate crimes related to the acquisition of a golf course in Borriol .

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The judge has come to the conclusion that, according to the investigations carried out, there is no evidence that any of the three investigated have committed any crime. This verdict has been announced through the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community.

The case began in July 2016, was initially filed in May 2017 and was reopened in 2020 due to new data that emerged in another procedure, related to the alleged concealment of assets by Carlos Fabra, who was also provincial leader of the PP.

in Castellón. At this time, the Investigative Court number 4 of Castellón has accepted the request for dismissal presented by the three investigated. The judge has determined that there is no connection between the loan of 100,000 euros granted by Sergio García’s father to Carlos Fabra in 2009 and the acquisition of the land by the golfer’s family company, Golf Borriol SL, which belonged to Golf del Mediterráneo SA, of which Carlos Fabra was president of the board of directors.

The judge points out that these decisions were made at the board of directors level and were not under the control of Carlos Fabra. Furthermore, the judge does not find evidence of a crime in the industrial lease contract signed in November 2013 between both companies, since it did not harm the interests of Golf del Mediterráneo SL.

The contract was ratified by the General Meeting of the leasing company in June 2014, and Carlos Fabra had no decision-making power in this matter. Finally, it was concluded that there was no remuneration or gratification for those investigated as a result of these economic operations and no relationship was found between the 2009 loan and the acquisition of the golf course land.

Furthermore, Golf Borriol SL’s loan to the Mediterranean Country Club in July 2013 was considered a public transaction intended to cover necessary expenses, such as social insurance and salaries.

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