As the Population Ages, Senior Care Businesses Boom

With a growing aging population, there is an increasing demand for quality senior care services. In fact, more than 20 percent of the U.S. population will be over 65 by 2050, and it is estimated that over 27 million Americans will use senior care services. Opening a senior home care franchise not only addresses this growing need but also offers a solid entrepreneurial opportunity with both personal and financial benefits.

Committed to delivering indispensable in-home assistance, this industry plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for seniors. These franchises offer a range of services to older adults, such as personal care, companionship and medication management.

On the franchisee side, these opportunities provide a chance to make a meaningful impact on the lives of seniors while also tapping into a robust and growing market. As a franchisee in the senior care sector, individuals can benefit from established business models and support systems that come with a reputable franchise brand. This includes access to training programs, operational guidance, and marketing support, enabling entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry with confidence.

Here are some of the top senior care franchises in today’s market.

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Home Instead

Number of franchises: 1,217

Franchising since: 1995

Startup costs: $98K-$125K

Overall 2024 Franchise 500 rank: 149

Home Instead, which was founded in 1994 and began to franchise the following year, is one of the leading senior care providers worldwide. Home Instead is dedicated to providing tailor-made, flexible at-home care for the elderly.

Home Instead offers professional companionship care to the elderly and strives to ensure that they can live as independently as possible in their own homes. As a Home Instead franchisee, you may help make the lives of the elderly and their families more comfortable, more relaxing and more capable through at-home senior care. With over 1,000 locations worldwide, Home Instead has one of the largest networks of senior-care facilities in the world.

The company moved up six places, from 155 to 149, in our 2024 Franchise 500 rankings.

Senior Helpers

Number of franchises: 361

Franchising since: 2005

Startup costs: $128K-$172K

Overall 2024 Franchise 500 rank: 172

As we get older, we all hope to receive quality care founded on respect, collaboration, and partnership. Founded in 2001, Senior Helpers has relied on the principles of compassion, dependability, and affordability to meet the needs of the growing elderly population.

The company, which is based in Towson, Maryland, delivers personal and companion care, sitter services, nurse and peace of mind visits. They also offer surgery assistance and Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Senior helpers held steady at #172 in our 2024 Franchise 500 rankings.

Homewatch CareGivers

Number of franchises: 222

Franchising since: 1996

Startup costs: $92K-$154K

Overall 2024 Franchise 500 rank: 222

For more than four decades, Homewatch CareGivers has worked hard to make a positive change in their clients’ lives by providing premier in-home services. The target market usually includes people who need care services. This may include the elderly, injured, or people living with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or developmental conditions.

See Homewatch Care Givers 2024 Franchise 500 rankings.

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Griswold Home Care

Number of franchises: 186

Franchising since: 1984

Startup costs: $96K-$174K

Overall Franchise 500 rank: 252

Griswold Home Care was one of the first franchise companies to offer non-medical in-home care to seniors and adults with disabilities and illnesses. Griswold Home Care provides non-medical care to seniors, disabled adults and others with illnesses and injuries in their community.

Being a part of the Griswold Home Care franchise team allows individuals to serve their community while operating a business of their own.

Griswold Home Care moved up 15 places — from 267 in 2023 to 252 this year — in our Franchise 500 rankings.


Number of franchises: 229

Franchising since: 2001

Startup costs: $73K-$162K

Overall Franchise 500 rank: 254

In 1996, Mark Armstrong, ComForCare’s founder, looked at the home care industry that was just beginning to take shape and thought, “We can do this better.” Armed with the sole mission of helping clients live an authentic lifestyle through in-home care, ComForCare positioned itself as a provider of what clients crave most—peace of mind.

Since beginning to franchise in 2001, ComForCare has expanded its caring senior services to become a reliable partner, both to clients and entrepreneurs who hope to make a difference in their communities.

They hope to impact the lives of seniors and people living with disabilities. From non-medical in-home care services like light housekeeping, bathing and grooming and companionship to special care for those with Alzheimer’s disease, ComForCare may be considered to be a premium choice for many.

After ranking #402 in 2023, ComForCare moved up 148 places in our 2024 Franchise 500.

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BrightStar Care

Number of franchises: 373

Franchising since: 2005

Startup costs: $111K-$196K

Overall Franchise 500 rank: 279

The Brightstar Care franchise is tailor-made to provide both non-medical and medical assistance to those in need. The in-home services franchise has recruited over 2,500 registered nurses who oversee individuals’ care in the comfort of their own homes.

Shelly Sun, who was already a franchisee for two hotel chains at the time, founded BrightStar Care in 2002. Three years later, she began franchising. Soon, the brand became one of the leading providers of in-home services in the United States. There are now over 370 BrightStar Care locations in the U.S.

This business fits many franchisees who are compassionate and want to be an asset to their community. BrightStar Care’s in-home services include supplemental care staff to corporate clients, among other medical and non-medical private duty home care services.

See how BrightStar Care ranked in our 2024 Franchise 500.

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Interim HealthCare

Number of franchises: 655

Franchising since: 1966

Startup costs: $126K-$200K

Overall Franchise 500 rank: 59

Interim HealthCare has served diverse communities in the United States since its founding in 1966. It currently operates in many states, boasting over 300 franchises that provide some of the best medical, hospice and in-home care for thousands of individuals yearly. Interim HealthCare also has a large international presence, with over 250 franchise locations outside of the United States.

Interim HealthCare is a key player in one of America’s most important industries and was one of the country’s very first nationwide home care franchises. They take pride in taking a well-rounded approach to care through the mind, body and spirit.

See how Interim HealthCare ranked in the 2024 Franchise 500.

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