Cardano’s Hoskinson Rattles XRP Hive With ETHGate Memes

  • Charles Hoskinson took a jab at the XRP community. 
  • The Cardano founder poked fun at ETHGate theories. 
  • The XRP community didn’t hold back and retaliated. 

Charles Hoskinson’s long-standing feud with the XRP community continues to persist, this time with the Cardano founder mocking them with ETHGate memes, further intensifying his already strained relationship.

On Sunday, October 15, Charles Hoskinson took a swipe at the XRP community, poking fun at their ETHGate theories. The Cardano founder wittily mentioned that his favorite pastime was ruffling the feathers of the ‘XRP ETHGate Hornet’s nest’ with some memes.

The XRP community retaliated by ribbing the Cardano founder for his unceremonious provocation. Several members accused Hoskinson of being involved with the supposed corruption surrounding ETHgate, considering his actions. 

However, Hoskinson promptly dismissed the claims as ‘conspiratorial thinking,’ clarifying he parted ways with Ethereum in June 2014 and wasn’t involved with the project when former SEC director William Hinman declared Ethereum and Bitcoin as non-securities. 

Besides the barrage of accusations against Hoskison’s supposed involvement in ETHGate, many users unleashed an arsenal of memes, challenging Hoskinson’s earlier statement that the SEC’s actions were not driven by corruption but by favoritism. 

On the Flipside

  • Following the SEC’s attack on Cardano, Hoskinson tried to mend bridges with the XRP community. 
  • The Cardano Founder vowed never to comment or mention XRP and its ongoing lawsuit after drawing fire from the XRP community for his comments on a public forum in December 2022. 

Why This Matters

Considering Hoskinson’s popularity and status, his comments and views could potentially hurt the legitimacy of XRP’s ETHGate narrative. 

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