Dunkin’ Worker: Buying a Large Iced Drink a ‘Waste’ of Money

Some restaurants love to load up iced drinks with tons of ice, making customers wonder how much of the beverage they’re paying for is actually liquid.

Now, one Dunkin’ Donuts worker is going viral for telling viewers not to waste their money.

In a clip that’s been viewed over 24.9 million times, a worker named Thomas pours a large, iced beverage into a small cup but holds back the ice.

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Shockingly, the liquid fits perfectly in the small cup, showing that the majority of the large order was, in fact, just ice.

“It’s an absolute waste of your f***ing money to pay $3.50 for a large when you can buy a small for $2,” the TikToker said.

Viewers in the comment section were split with some riled up about the discovery and others noting that they would never order a drink without ice as it would change the entire experience.

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“I always get my drinks no ice, no matter the size. I used to work in fast food, and the drinks come out cold already,” one person said.

“Um. but I want it to be cold,” another countered. “The small will have ice too and even less liquid.”

Customers and workers complaining about ice in drinks is nothing new.

Earlier this year, it was rumored that Starbucks would begin charging more for drinks made with no ice, which angered customers and sparked outrage online.

Starbucks denied the allegations.

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Dunkin’ did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur‘s request for comment.

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