How One Entrepreneur Is Redefining Luxury In An Unlikely Location

In a lounge at Connecticut’s Delamar Greenwich Harbor Hotel hangs a copy of a portrait of a man named Charles Mallory, who was traveling through Mystic, Connecticut on Christmas Eve of 1816. He was heading to the Midwest to seek his fortune, but got stuck in a snowstorm. So instead of continuing on, the entrepreneurial young chap got a job as an apprentice sailmaker in Mystic.

This twist of destiny set the stage for his remarkable rise, gradually amassing wealth that allowed him to purchase and launch his own fleet of clipper ships, culminating in the establishment of his own shipyard.

For the last 200-plus years, generations of entrepreneurial Mallory men have followed in his footsteps, building whaling ships, schooners, yachts, and more. Which brings us to the current Charles Mallory. After venturing into the shipping industry, Charles Mallory recognized the potential for all kinds of transformation and set his sights on reinventing a 1960s motel in his hometown of Greenwich, Connecticut.

The Mediterranean-inspired Delamar Greenwich Harbor Hotel opened in 1999 on the waterfront and quickly became an anchor in the Connecticut landscape. This undertaking spurred the birth of the Greenwich Hospitality Group, which includes a portfolio of similarly stylish properties in towns like Southport and West Hartford.

Now, the next chapter in this narrative is about to unfurl as Mallory seeks to redefine luxury hospitality across Connecticut with an exciting expansion plan. “As a Connecticut homegrown company, we feel that the state has been underrepresented by noteworthy hospitality experiences, and it is our mission to change that,” Mallory told me in an interview.

At the nucleus of the expansion is the flagship Delamar Greenwich Harbor, which is slated to undergo a overhaul that will marry classic aesthetics with a modern flair across its rooms and public spaces.

The Delamar will also unveil an array of exclusive experiences destined to set the property apart within the landscape of New England boutique hotels. Among these is the DeLaLuxe Package—a lavish one-night experience that includes a spin around town in a vintage car from Mallory’s personal collection, like a rare 1957 Mercedes Benz 300SL. For travelers within a certain radius of the hotel, a chauffeur can also pick you up at home in a vintage car like a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. Your stay is further punctuated by an exclusive yacht voyage, spa indulgences, a five-course menu of farm-to-table culinary delights at L’Escale restaurant, and a tapestry of other bespoke luxuries.

Greenwich Hospitality Group will also be expanding into other Connecticut locations, each of which has been carefully selected, whether it’s on the water with unrivaled views or in the heart of a bustling town center.

Delamar Mystic—set to open in late 2024—is set on the Mystic Seaport Museum campus, where Mallory’s familial ties run deep. The boutique hotel will have 31 rooms and suites with captivating views of the Mystic River and Mystic Seaport. It will also have a 3,000-square-foot waterfront ballroom, a guest-only swimming pool, a restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating and plenty of dock-and-dine capabilities.

“The development of the Delamar hotel on the grounds of the museum stands as a testament to our commitment to preserving our maritime heritage while embracing progress,” Peter Armstrong, president of Mystic Seaport Museum, told me in an interview. “This endeavor not only represents a blend of tradition and modernity but also showcases Charles Mallory’s dedication, whose deep-rooted history with Mystic will undoubtedly infuse the hotel with a unique sense of place and authenticity.”

In a parallel narrative, the 86-room Delamar Westport—also set to open in late 2024—will grace another Connecticut waterfront community. With 86 rooms, including expansive suites with fully-equipped kitchenettes, the hotel will strike a harmonious chord between comfort and opulence. There’s also an indoor swimming pool, a fitness center, a full-service restaurant and outdoor dining overlooking a nature preserve. “This will fulfill a need for a first-class hotel in the town of Westport, one of the crown jewels of Connecticut’s Gold Coast,” says Mallory.

Greenwich Hospitality Group has also acquired the lease for the Inn at Longshore and is looking to revive this historic hotel, which is rumored to be where F. Scott Fitzgerald got inspiration for his famed novel The Great Gatsby. Inn at Longshore is home to the waterfront restaurant and oyster bar, La Plage, which showcases coastal cuisine with views of the Saugatuck River and Long Island sound.

Mallory also has plans for Lime Rock, a natural-terrain racetrack in northwestern Connecticut where he is a general partner. Built in 1956, Lime Rock is the nation’s third oldest continuously operating road racing venue. Greenwich Hospitality Group’s plan is to eventually build a hotel, spa and restaurant overlooking the racetrack.

Greenwich Hospitality Group is not just a purveyor of lavish accommodations; it’s a curator of unforgettable experiences with hotels that place hospitality at the crossroads of art, elegance and character. Every property is an ode to Mallory’s love of the arts, adorned with curated pieces from local artists, including his private collection. Elevated experiences like Delamar Greenwich Harbor Hotel’s DeLaLuxe Package add a unique flair to any stay. And epicurean delights also await, according to executive Chef Frederic Kieffer, the culinary maestro behind L’Escale at Delamar Greenwich Harbor Hotel and the upcoming restaurants in Westport and Mystic.

“Mystic will be a beautiful waterfront restaurant featuring New England coastal cuisine, including local seafood and farm offerings. The restaurant will be open and breezy with an outdoor bar and patio but will also feature a majestic fireplace, banquette seating, and booths to cozy up in the fall and winter,” Kieffer told me in an interview. “In contrast, Westport will be a new concept with Mediterranean-influenced cuisine, focusing on the grill, vegetables and home-baked bread. It will be something different than everyone’s idea of Mediterranean cuisine: no mezze, no tapas, but rather full dishes inspired by the ‘Cuisine du Soleil.”

Paul O. Robertson, deputy commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, praises the expansion plans. “Charles Mallory’s unique vision for what it means to serve the customer is what truly sets him and his hotels apart from the competition,” Robertson told me in an interview. “His creative approach is helping reimagine the luxury hotel experience in Connecticut, and we are thrilled that he is continuing to invest and expand in our state. His new facilities in Westport and Mystic are important additions to our state’s upscale hotel offerings and will attract new clientele, increase visitation and bolster our reputation as a must-see travel destination.”

Greenwich Hospitality Group’s Delamar properties have also captured the attention and admiration of people like Philip I. Eliasoph, PhD, professor of art history & visual culture at Fairfield University. “The hallmarks of Mallory’s refined sense of style, taste and superior quality are abundantly evidenced throughout,” Eliasoph told me in an interview. “Connecticut’s Delamar hotels are savory places of incomparable class and artistic pleasure.”

With each property, Greenwich Hospitality Group is not only redefining luxury but also nurturing the cultural heritage of Connecticut. “My hope is that our hotels and restaurants continue to create exceptional, happy memories for our guests and the local community for years to come,” says Charles Mallory. “That is the best legacy I could leave behind.”


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