How to Navigate Feelings of Confidence and Self-Doubt After a Promotion

Successfully transitioning to a higher-level leadership role requires self-confidence, but many leaders display too much or too little early on. In this article, the author outlines strategies to help you find the optimal level of confidence. If there is one thing that defines effective leadership as you move from a manager to executive to CEO, it’s that your results become increasingly less about you and more about the attention you place on others so you can deliver through them.

When you get promoted to a higher-level leadership role, it’s exhilarating. Your company has finally validated your talent and trusts in your potential to guide the organization’s future. At the same time, the stakes are higher and you now find yourself in a fishbowl for all to watch how you tackle the new job. This leap in scale and scrutiny tests every new leader’s mettle in many ways, most notably their self-confidence.

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