Jurassic Park Toilet Experience Gallery

Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Experience SDCC 2023

Photo: Sabina Graves/Gizmodo

io9 ventured into Jurassic Park at the 30th anniversary experience for the Steven Spielberg classic at San Diego Comic-Con 2023 and got face to face with a T-Rex… while sitting on an iconic toilet.

The “Step into Jurassic Park” experience, sponsored by Amazon, is a photo-op pop-up that leads to a shoppable Visitor’s Center filled with Jurassic Park 30th anniversary gear, toys, accessories and dino-nuggies from John Soules. If you’re at SDCC 2023, you can do standby on July 21 and 22nd from 10:00 am-8:00 pm at Luce Cielo: 325 15th St, San Diego.

Here’s a dino-mite gallery of the prehistoric encounters we faced and a close calls to being Dilophosaurus and Raptor lunch. Check it out!

Source link: https://gizmodo.com/sdcc-2023-jurassic-park-toilet-t-rex-booth-gallery-1850665952




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