Lucas Glover reveals the truth about the split within the US Ryder Cup team

Lucas Glover reveals the truth about the split within the US Ryder Cup team
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Lucas Glover was not part of the US Ryder Cup team. The US team suffered a defeat at this year’s Ryder Cup in Rome. Although many thought that the Americans could do great things, the Europeans were obviously more prepared and of better quality.

Speaking to SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio, Lucas Glover emphasized that things could be different if he was part of the team. “It’s easy to say three weeks after, two weeks after and unfortunately they lost, but yeah, I would have liked to have been there and I think I could have brought some different things to the table”.

– Glover said.

Lucas Glover reveals the truth: It broke my heart

Although there were rumors that there were conflicts within the US team, many did not believe it. However, Glover solved some dilemmas for us. In talking with the individuals who were part of the US team, Lucas learned that there were many obstacles to their success.

Playing in such an atmosphere can be very difficult, considering that you cannot focus only on your performance. “It broke my heart the week after to hear about how splintered the room was and things about money and different things.

That’s not at all what the Ryder Cup stands for. I’m not just going on what I’ve read and been told. I talked to some people that were there in the fight and it breaks my heart to hear that.”
Looking from this distance, it seemed as if something was obviously not right within the US team.

The golfers did not play in a recognizable way. Their quality was far from what was expected. It is assumed that in the next few months, the real truth will come out. There were many things in the team that were not talked about, and we may never know.

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