Martin Couvra turns professional at only 20

Martin Couvra turns professional at only 20
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Thunderbolt! Barely forty-eight hours after his play-off victory at the Challenge de España, amateur Martin Couvra, only 20 years old, decided to turn professional. No World Championships in mid-October therefore for the golfer from Cannes-Mougins (06) but rather the objective of securing a playing right on the DP World Tour 2024 via the Challenge Tour 2023 at the end of the season.

Martin Couvra, results

“It’s a decision that we took together, his staff and him,” explains Pascal Grizot, the president of the French Golf Federation (FFG).

Today, Martin has 384.84 points (Editor’s note, 41st in the Road to Mallorca). To be in the top fifteen of the Challenge Tour, he needs 900 points. To reach them, he has five tournaments left: three normal tournaments, a tournament in China, the richest ($500,000), and the final in Mallorca (November 2-5).

We calculated that with a victory and a top 5 in normal tournaments, he would have 900 points. »“For us, he is a boy capable of stringing together results and I think he can aim for accession to the DP World Tour this year,” continues Pascal Grizot.

By making him turn pro, he no longer has the obligation to play the World Championships for France in Abu Dhabi (Editor’s note, October 18-21 for the boys) which posed a problem with the tournament in China (13-16 october).

It is an event with a lot of points but which ends on Monday. It was complicated to then bring him quickly to Abu Dhabi with the risk of playing early in the morning on Wednesday. With this decision, we free him from a weight.

»The student of Mathieu Santerre will therefore play with his new status from Thursday in Vau Obidos for the Portuguese Open at Royal Obidos, the Lusitanian stage of the Challenge Tour 2023.Martin Couvra (FRA) has written his name in the history books of South African golf after wining three trophies in the space of two weeks.

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