Matthew McConaughey Silences Joy Behar After She Claims He’s ‘Anti-Gun’

Things got tense on “The View” this morning after Joy Behar claimed that the Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey is “anti-gun.”

Tense Exchange On ‘The View’

Entertainment Weekly reported that McConaughey, 53, went on “The View” on Tuesday morning to promote his new children’s book “Just Because.” He initially got along well with Behar, 80, even bizarrely giving her a bare foot massage, but things took a turn when the conversation turned to his potential run for office in his home state of Texas.

“As far as office, I will always measure what category I can be most useful,” McConaughey said.

“Do you think you can get elected in Texas, being anti-gun?” Behar asked.

This appeared to hit a nerve for McConaughey, who thought about the question for a moment before putting his finger in Behar’s face.

“One thing about me and politics is, to give you a direct statement right there is me playing a game I’m not interested in playing,” he said.

A visibly flustered Behar responded by telling McConaughey that he didn’t need to say anything if he did not want to.

The show then cut to commercial, and when it returned, the co-hosts briefly addressed McConaughey’s gun stance once again.

“I did want to say that I’ve done a lot of research in terms of your advocacy, and I don’t know that you’re anti-gun, I think you’re pro-gun responsibility and legislation,” said co-host Sunny Hostin.

The show proceeded to move into a segment in which a wax figure of McConaughey was unveiled. Check out the full McConaughey interview in the video below.

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McConaughey’s Gun Stance 

McConaughey was born and raised in Uvalde, Texas, where a mass shooting took place in 2022 that claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers. Afterwards, McConaughey went to the White House to beg Democrats and Republicans alike for gun reform. Daily Mail reported that McConaughey was visibly emotional as he claimed that the Second Amendment was being “hijacked” by “deranged individuals,” alleging that “responsible gun owners” are “fed up.”

“We got to get some real courage and honor our mortal obligations instead of our party affiliations and enough with the counterpunching,” he said. “We can’t truly be leaders if we’re only living in for reelection.”

“We’ve got to look in the mirror, lead with humility and acknowledge the values that are inherent to but also above politics,” McConaughey continued. “We got to make choices, make stands, embrace new ideas, and preserve the traditions that can create true, true progress for the next generation.”

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‘We Need To Restore Our American Values’

McConaughey went on to talk about the importance of “American values.”

“We need to restore our family values,” he said. “We need to restore our American values. And we need responsible gun ownership.”

“This should be a nonpartisan issue,” he later added. “There is not a Democratic or Republican value in one single act of the shooters. There is not. But people in power have failed to act. We are asking you, I’m asking you, will you please ask yourselves, can both sides rise above? Can both sides see beyond the political problem at hand and admit that we have a life preservation problem on our hands?”

While McConaughey wants gun reform laws, he likely would not be in favor of the radically gun-grabbing legislation that a far-leftist like Behar would want, so it’s not surprising that he took issue with her calling him “anti-gun.”

It will certainly be interesting to see what kind of politician McConaughey would make, should he ever decide to run for office.

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