Nevada Tribal Rangers Plow Truck Through Climate Activists Blocking Road

Video is going viral this week showing the moment that tribal rangers in Nevada plowed through a group of climate protesters that were blocking a busy single lane road on Sunday, creating miles of traffic in the process.

Climate Protest

Daily Mail reported that six protesters with the activist groups Seven Circles and Extinction Rebellion were blocking the road to the music festival Burning Man in Nevada. The protesters reportedly used a trailer to block the road, causing miles of gridlock traffic. They then locked themselves to the trailer, which only led to more chaos to ensue.

The trailer was surrounded by banners that said things like “Burners of the World, Unite!,” “Abolish Capitalism” and  “General Strike for Climate,” according to The New York Post. The activist groups said that the protest aimed to highlight “capitalism’s inability to address climate’s ecological breakdown” and that it was meant to fight back against the “popularization of Burning Man among affluent people who do not live the stated values of Burning Man, resulting in the commodification of the event.”

Seven Circles has previously claimed that Burning Man’s pledge to be carbon-negative by 2030 is “insufficient to tackle the pressing crisis.”

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Tribal Rangers Step In 

When rangers with the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Police Department of Nevada arrived on the scene, however, they quickly made it clear that they were not having any of this nonsense. After giving the protesters a warning, they used their truck to plow straight through the blockade and immediately began arresting the activists.

One tribal ranger was seen in the footage ordering a female protester to the ground at gunpoint while telling her to stop “resisting arrest.” The activists could be heard sobbing and shouting “we’re non-violent” as they were led away by the rangers. As they were arrested, one ranger was heard telling the protesters that they were “trespassing on tribal land.”

Check out the full video for yourself below.

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Social Media Users Praise Tribal Rangers

Social media users from around the globe have been praising the rangers for how they handled this situation.

“You have the right to protest but you cannot block others from their freedom of passage. On a public road,” one user commented, with another adding, “So Awesome! Needs to happen more often. Your right to protest isn’t right to infringe on other people’s Liberty.”

“I’m giving a standing ovation to these Nevada officers – WELL DONE,” a third user commented, with a fourth writing, “It’s so refreshing to see law enforcement engage like that. We need more of that!”

Others pointed out that the protesters were putting lives at risk with their antics.

“That’s a dangerous situation for a lot of people,” one person explained. “It’s 110 degrees out there. To have all those vehicles sitting in that environment for hours on end is a serious situation. Those people deserved every bit of what they got and need to go to jail. Putting 1000’s of people at risk because you’re mentally unstable is not a protest.”

Protests like these are happening all over the world, and they have gotten completely out of control. We applaud these tribal rangers for taking such swift action, and we hope more members of law enforcement will do the same in these situations!

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