‘Perfect storm’ brewing in the House, Colorado Republican Ken Buck says

McCarthy became House Speaker after eking out a victory on the 15th round of votes among House Republicans. One of the concessions the California Republican made to win the position — agreeing to allow a single member of his party to start a process ousting the speaker, known as a “motion to vacate” — has left him at the mercy of some of the more fringe members of his conference as they look to the House leadership to accomplish their goals.

Buck said Sunday the GOP’s focus should be on the issues like border security, crime and inflation — not, at least at this point, on impeaching Democratic President Joe Biden.

“If we start going down these paths that really bear no fruit — we are not going to get an impeachment through the Senate,” Buck said.

“The reality is that the impeachment process is one that is going on right now. The Judiciary Committee, the Oversight Committee, the Ways and Means Committee are all investigating. They’re developing really good information about Hunter Biden,” Buck added, noting that “there is not a strong connection at this point between the evidence on Hunter Biden and any evidence connecting the president.”

Source link: https://www.politico.com/news/2023/09/10/perfect-storm-house-ken-buck-republicans-00114915




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