Ramaswamy pledges to draw voters of color from Dems

According to results from a HIT Tracking Focus Group study, eight men of color who voted for Biden in 2020 expressed disappointment with “Bidenomics” — with some saying they preferred the economy under former President Donald Trump.

“A lot of Americans, white and Black alike, have been duped,” Ramaswamy said Friday night. “They understand the economy is in the toilet and their experience of it is no different just because they are fed the politics of racial division. If we stand up and speak the truth, we end up winning.”

Ramaswamy, the son of Indian immigrants in Ohio, has freely spoken out on race and racism while on the campaign trail, where he has steadily climbed in recent polling.

The fourth of Ramaswamy’s 10 central campaign “truths” asserts that “reverse racism is racism,” and the self-proclaimed “non-white nationalist” has been vocal about his own experiences pursuing the “American dream.”

Source link: https://www.politico.com/news/2023/08/18/ramaswamy-pledges-to-draw-voters-of-color-from-dems-00111956




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