Ryder Cup, success for the double open day

More than golf in the square, it looked like a golf square: the Duomo in Milan was a great setting for the open day towards the 2023 Ryder Cup of golf in Rome (which also dreams of Expo 2030). In the capital, the corollary was a corner of Villa Borghese.

In both cases, people who have never seen golf up close have become curious by trying to hit a ball, this time yellow and rubber. According to the Federation, there were a total of 10,000 people between Milan and Rome. Next appointment in Bergamo on April 1st and Brescia the following day.

Golf in the square, Ryder Cup

In Milan with a view of the Duomo, hundreds of passers-by were seduced by the animation and color of the Federgolf stands. Once past the barriers, a new world opened up for everyone. Twelve holes with as many professionals ready to explain grip and stance to adults and children.

To welcome golfers and not only there were, among others, Matteo Del Podio and Filippo Celli. Among the many fans there was also a large group of footballers: Dossena, Cabrini, Mauro, Tassotti and Beccalossi were in the Duomo.

Representing the institutions was Daniela Santanchè. “We must be proud as Italians – said Santanchè – that our nation, with the Italian Golf Federation, has brought the Ryder Cup which will be played in Rome at the end of September”.

The event was organized by Federgolf with Infront as official advisor and institutional partners such as the Ministries of Tourism, Foreign Affairs, Sport as well as Enit (National Tourism Agency). In addition to the two municipal administrations, the Promoting Committee of Expo 2030 Rome is also among the sponsors in the capital.

The Ryder Cup (brought to Italy under the aegis of the Renzi government) could in fact become an international showcase for the current center-right majority precisely in view of Expo 2030. “The Ryder a driving force for 2030? Certainly yes and I hope it will also be a contribution to peace” says Minister Abodi in Rome who then adds that “we will try to help the Federation leave a legacy of many public courses with the Ryder Cup: the keystone is bringing golf closer to the people”.

“We hope – adds Tajani – that all the important golfers who come here can return to their country and can say ‘we also organize Expo 2030 here in Rome'”. Franco Chimenti, number one of Federgolf, relaunches: “The Ryder Cup in Rome – he says – is a source of pride for the whole country, an incredible appointment that will see Team Europe, united under a single flag, challenge Marco Simone the Team Use in the third largest sporting event in the world.

These open days will bring more and more people closer to this sport. Because golf belongs to everyone and for everyone”. On the other hand, Gian Paolo Montali speaks of the state of the art. “Work for the Ryder Cup has started and is progressing well.

The widening of the roads has already begun, by the Ides of May and the Italian Open we will already have four lanes, the Tiburtina will be ready even after ten years of work. This demonstrates that major events can bring great value, especially for the quality of life of the people who live in those territories”.

Source link: https://www.tennisworldusa.org/other_news/golf/128347/ryder-cup-success-for-the-double-open-day/




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