Standard Chartered Zodia Custody Introduces Yields on Crypto Holdings

  • Zodia Custody will now offer crypto returns.
  • The crypto unit announced expansion into Singapore.
  • Zodia Custody’s sister company, Zodia Markets, has also revealed expansion plans.

In a recent development set to redefine its offerings, Zodia Custody, the crypto unit under financial giant Standard Chartered, has announced the introduction of crypto yields on digital asset holdings.

Zodia’s New Crypto Offerings

On September 19th, Zodia Custody announced the offering of yields on crypto holdings to its institutional client base following the reveal of a partnership with OpenEden.

According to the report, the crypto asset firm aims to bridge the gap between digital assets and tangible yield opportunities for investors with its newly added digital service and partnership. 

“There’s a lot in the world of traditional finance that can be moved to digital assets. The challenge is how to bring some of the benefits to the world in a safe, compliant, and regulatory-first way. Our first such partnership with OpenEden is exactly how we do this — by bringing access to yield products to our clients”, said CEO Julian Sawyer.

The company recently announced its expansion into the Singaporean markets and believes the partnership will grant institutions access to staking services, a bid to position Zodia Custody as a pioneering force offering bank-backed digital asset custody services.

Zodia Custody’s sister company, Zodia Markets, has also revealed plans to accelerate its expansion across the U.S. and Asia as an institutional trading platform in the industry following its recent approval to operate as a crypto broker in Dubai. 

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