The second generation Apple Pencil drops to a new low of $85

Apple’s stylus is you can buy for an iPad Pro or iPad Air, but at $125, it’s not the most affordable purchase. So it’s worth noting when the stylus is on sale like it is right now at Amazon. At the moment, you can get the Apple Pencil for $85, or 34 percent off what it normally costs. The Pencil’s previous low price was $89, so this is a new all-time low for the accessory. The timing is perfect too since the is also on sale this weekend.

Apple Pencil


Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is great for those who enjoy drawing and journaling.

The Apple Pencil is a must-have if you’re a visual artist, photographer or designer, but it’s also handy if you enjoy jotting down notes or journaling. You can customize the Pencil’s double-tap feature to suit your needs, and, with built-in pressure sensitivity, you can add as much or as little detail to an illustration as you want. Best of all, you charge the second-generation model by attaching it magnetically to your iPad, a big improvement from the goofy design of the previous model.

On that note, just keep in mind the does not support the second-generation Apple Pencil. For older iPads, Apple has a handy if you’re unsure if the second-generation Pencil will work with your tablet.

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