They’re sort of caught in no man’s land

Rory McIlroy on LIV Golf: They’re sort of caught in no man’s land
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Rory McIlroy, one of the TGL co-founders, commented during the press conference on the innovations introduced by TGL, as well as how these innovations differ from those presented by LIV Golf. McIlroy is known as someone who does not have the best opinion about LIV Golf.

He has criticized them many times so far, and a potential merger could change things. McIlroy emphasized that TGL has a different background than LIV. When this idea was presented to them, their first thought was to partner with the PGA Tour.

“This is meant to be complementary. It’s not meant to be disruptive in any way. So, whenever Mike [McCarley] brought this idea to Tiger and I, I think one of the first things we said was, ‘Well, if you’re going to do this.

we’re going to have to try and partner with the PGA Tour in some way and really try to make this complementary.’ So that was the first thing. This wasn’t adversarial at all. It was how to be, ‘How can we be additive to the entire system?’”- McIlroy said.

Rory McIlroy on LIV Golf inovations

Rory McIlroy is discontent with the modifications made by LIV Golf. The Northern Irishman believes that these changes have distanced the sport from its traditional roots, but he also contends that they have not introduced enough significant alterations.

According to Rory, LIV has fallen short of its intended goals entirely.
“I don’t want to sit here and talk about LIV but I think you could make the argument that they haven’t innovated enough away from what traditional golf is or they’ve innovated too much, that they’re not traditional golf.

They’re sort of caught in no man’s land, where this is so far removed from what we know golf to be”. LIV leaders emphasized that they have many more changes planned. Source: Golfmonthly

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