VIDEO: Hero Cop Pulls Jason Bourne Moves After Runaway Truck Plows Through Crowd

A shocking video is going viral this week showing the moment a heroic police officer jumps into action after a runaway truck plowed through a crowd of people in Atlanta, Georgia.

Heroic Cop Pulls Epic Move To Save Lives

The New York Post reported that chilling video footage was captured on Sunday night showing a black Ford F150 pickup truck circling the intersection of 17th Street and Northside Drive as it is surrounded by stalled traffic and pedestrians. Cheers erupt as a Georgia state trooper arrives on the scene, which appears to enrage the trucker, who pivots and plows through the crowd of spectators.

The truck manages to plow through several people, while others were barely able to jump away. Reacting quickly to the horrifying situation, the state trooper pulls a move reminiscent of something Jason Bourne from the Bourne film franchise would do and speeds up before hitting the truck, carrying out a pit maneuver that forces the truck to come to a stop.

Whipping out his weapon, the state trooper jumps on the hood of his vehicle and grabs the suspect, pulling him out of his truck and instantly handcuffing him.

Now that’s what we call a hero cop!

Check out the harrowing footage for yourself below.

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Suspect Charged

At least one of the pedestrians who was hit by the truck required medical assistance for an injury. The suspect has since been identified as Kevin Alves Da Saliva, who police say was street racing and performing donuts at the busy intersection before the video was shot.

“For the last couple of years, it’s been a really popular thing for whatever reason,” Captain Michael Burns with the Georgia State Patrol told WSBTV, referring to street racing.

Da Saliva has since been charged with fleeing and eluding, reckless driving, hit and run, and serious injury by a motor vehicle. The heroic state trooper has not been identified, but police have said that he happened to be near the intersection when he saw the situation unfolding.

“The incredible takedown is just the latest example of how our hardworking troopers are taking the fight to criminals,” said Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R), according to Daily Mail.

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Street Racing Issue

Street racing has become a major problem throughout the country in recent years, but it has been especially prevalent in Atlanta.

“The Atlanta Police Department will continue to enforce GA [Georgia] state laws and City of Atlanta ordinances against any groups or individuals who engage in illegal street racing activity,” The Atlanta Police Department said in a statement earlier this year, according to Newsweek.

“Deterring street racing activity is a top priority for our department as the summer approaches and we will continue to work alongside multiple neighboring agencies to arrest street racing offenders, as well impound any vehicles involved in street racing activity,” the statement added.

In reporting on this viral video, the Citizen Free Press wrote, “Cowboy cop waited his whole career for a moment like this…Excellent PIT maneuver!”

We can’t help but agree!

This video serves as a reminder of just how heroic the men and women in blue are in this country, as they selflessly put their lives on the line for the rest of us everyday. God bless this unnamed state trooper, and all of his fellow members of law enforcement as well!

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