What’s Everyone’s Favorite Exercise Routine?

Lululemon fall styles

Lululemon fall styles

How are you moving your body these days? Almost 10 years ago, I pulled on old maternity leggings and went on my first shaky but invigorating four-mile run with my sister, Lucy. Since then, I’ve been chasing the good mood that always comes after working out or taking long walks. So, I’m curious about other people’s routines and how they stay motivated.

Lululemon fall styles

For inspiration, and in partnership with Lululemon, I asked the Cup of Jo team about their exercise habits and favorite styles. (Mine are these pink shorts and very cool scuba zip-up.)

Lululemon fall styles

Jannelle Sanchez, associate editor
Type of exercise you’re loving right now: BabyFit By Amy’s prenatal workouts
Your mood after a good workout: Exhilarated, grateful
Favorite Lululemon style: I tried the Blissfeel 2 Women’s Running Shoes this summer, and they are a dream! Cushion-y, lightweight, and sleek. They also feel great during HIIT routines and barbell lifting.
Advice for sticking to a workout routine: I try to listen to my body and let myself rest when needed, which has been often during my pregnancy. But on days when I can handle exercise, what helps is remembering: 1. Being able to move my body is a gift! 2. Exercising today will serve my physical and mental health both now and in the long run.

Lululemon fall styles

Kaitlyn Teer, contributing editor
Exercise you’re into these days: Running with my son in our jogging stroller, alongside my four-year-old as she bikes to preschool.
Your mood after breaking a sweat: Energized, buoyant
Favorite Lululemon style: This Wunder Puff Vest looks so cozy for working out in cooler weather. I love all six colors.
Advice for staying motivated year-round: Try to meet up with friends outdoors. Seeing friends, getting fresh air, and moving my body feels like a win-win-win.

Lululemon fall styles

Jenny Rosenstrach, food columnist
Exercise you’re enjoying this fall: Everyday walking
Your mood after a long stroll: Natural high
Favorite Lululemon style: I don’t know what I’d do without the Wunder Train High-Rise Cropped Leggings. They’re so comfortable, it feels like I’m not even wearing anything.
How your go-to workout has changed since moving houses: I just moved from a suburb to a city, which means I hardly ever use my car anymore. Turns out? I love walking everywhere, and my daily step count has gone through the roof. Ever since college, I’ve been a three-mile, four-times-a-week runner, and I still am, but this new way of exercising — the kind where I don’t even notice that I’m exercising — has me rethinking things. I feel just as great on the days that I walk as I do on the days that I run.

Lululemon fall styles

Maureen Heffernan, partnerships director
Exercise you’re loving right now: Biking! It’s been beautiful in the PNW lately, so I’m soaking up this weather and doing my errands on my bike.
Your mood after a good workout: Calm, positive
Favorite Lululemon style: I love the Everywhere Belt Bag. It’s compact yet fits all my essentials. Plus, I can throw it in the wash! I take it everywhere; it’s GREAT for hands-free travel with a toddler.
Advice for someone who wants to start exercising but doesn’t know where to begin: It doesn’t have to be your best effort, just get a sweat in.

A few more Lululemon fall styles we love…

How are you moving your body these days? Any tips for getting motivated? We’d love to hear!

P.S. Five fun exercise classes, and when during the day do you work out?

(This post is sponsored by Lululemon. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that support Cup of Jo.)

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