2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Kids

best gifts for kids 2023

Pajamas with reindeer, polar bears, dancers or beagles. From $22.

best gifts for kids 2023

Beautiful Schleich animals, made in Germany, from $7. Such great quality, they feel like adorable heirlooms.

best gifts for kids 2023

Kids’ flashlight, $16 for six. Anton LOVES his flashlight and even packs it when we travel. Fun for evening walks, sleepovers, shadow puppets, reading in bed, pretending to be a spy, whatever other games and adventures he comes up with. (Could be cool to add an invisible ink pen.)

best gifts for kids 2023

This dog game has actual rules, but we often just shuffle the deck, put down one card each, and play “who’s the cutest?” until we reach a final winner. They have cats, dinosaurs and horses, too, of course. $10.

best gifts for kids 2023

Jewelry making kit for Hannukah, Christmas, or rainbow lovers. From $19.

best gifts for kids 2023

Kid stationery, where you fill in the blanks. I used to write my own basic versions for my kids when they were younger, but this set is SO much more beautiful than mine ever were! $25.

best gifts for kids 2023

Googly eye coin purse or bag for pennies and little treasures. From $12.

best gifts for kids 2023

When my kids need to get excited about books again — or a friend tells me her child’s dreading reading time — my tried-and-true recommendation is The Baby-Sitters Club graphic novels. They also have a Little Sister series, which is great for slightly younger kids (I’d say around second/third grade?).

best gifts for kids 2023

Or one of your favorite storybooks, like Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday. Find tons of great ideas on Youngna Park’s Instagram feed.

best gifts for kids 2023

Bouncy ball, $13. It’s always fun to have something immediately gratifying to play with — things you don’t have to build or figure out first. A bouncy ball is exactly that!

best gifts for kids 2023

Finally, chocolate sardines, just for fun. $4.

Plus, a few classic crowdpleasers: a toy stethoscope, glow-in-the-dark stars, thumb lights, and Uno. What would you add?

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