Best TV for dogs deal: 82% off DOGTV

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to DOGTV is on sale for £120, saving you 82% on list price.

You know that rush of discovering your next binge-worthy show? Though you might enjoy your nights watching Suits, Succession, or Yellowstone, your dog probably doesn’t understand the hype. That’s why DOGTV was created — it’s a streaming service for dogs that is made to keep them entertained and relaxed. Get a lifetime subscription with a one-time fee of £120, that’s the best price online.

While you certainly could put on DOGTV for your pup when you’re home, it’s specifically designed to keep them from getting bored or anxious when you’re gone. Just put the program on your TV (or computer) before heading out and let them enjoy.

DOGTV isn’t like any other program, it’s created with your furry friend in mind, down to every detail. The colours are adjusted with your dog’s vision in mind, making hues more alive and interesting — even though the colours may look strange to you. There are also no sudden noises or sounds, just calm and soothing frequencies. 

Programs on DOGTV rotate throughout the day, making sure your four-legged friend doesn’t become overstimulated with interactive visuals or too bored with calming sounds. Here’s what each segment looks like:

  • Relaxation: Calming scenes and sounds promote rest and relaxation.

  • Stimulation: Playful animated sequences use constantly moving objects and animals to draw and hold your dog’s attention. 

  • Exposure: Limited exposure to unfamiliar sounds.

The exposure program is like your dog’s equivalent to streaming a documentary. These sounds get your familiar dog with things that would otherwise shock them or make them anxious — like doorbells, fireworks, or sirens. Then, when they occur in the real world, your dog will already be used to them. Plus, DOGTV can create some overall noise to help your dog tune out other noises while you’re away.

You might just keep your pup calm, relaxed, and happy throughout the day with a lifetime subscription to DOGTV, now available here for the lowest price on the web, just £120.

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