Ludvig Aberg on the match with Rory McIlroy and nervousness before the Ryder Cup

Ludvig Aberg on the match with Rory McIlroy and nervousness before the Ryder Cup
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Ludvig Aberg will be one of the golfers receiving special attention. Despite only turning pro a few months ago, this Swede will play with the best from Europe and the US at the Ryder Cup. His rapid rise to stardom is impressive.

The young Swede revealed to the media in an interview that he was playing against McIlroy, who praised Ludwig highly. Rory McIlroy immediately noticed how talented the Swede is, and expects great things from him in the future.“He’s good.

He’s very good,” Aberg said talking about Rory, as quoted by! “But yeah, me and Viktor played a match against him and Tommy (Fleetwood). We winded up winning on the 16th hole which was fun. Me and Viktor beat them in best-ball.

It was fun. Obviously his resume speaks for itself and what he’s done and did for the game is quite incredible, and to watch that first hand was pretty cool. I’m sure he’s going to do well.”

Ludvig Aberg and his future

Given that he only recently became a pro, and that he does not have much experience behind him, the reporters were interested in whether Ludvig felt nervous before such an important challenge in his career.

The Swede did not want to lie to anyone; He emphasized that it is natural to feel nervous, but he hopes that it will not affect his performance. We will see how Ludvig will behave under enormous pressure. Even if he is not at his level, no one will blame him considering that he’ll probably have a successful and long career ahead of him.“Yes, I feel nervous.

I feel absolutely nervous. It would be weird if I didn’t. I try to view it as something good. It means that I care and it means that it shows that I want to do well. But you know, it’s also just being nervous doesn’t necessarily need to affect how you behave and how you get around on the golf course.

I think that’s what I try to view it as, and obviously being in new situations is going to be a little bit different. It’s going to make your body react a little bit different. But I try to embrace it and try to have fun with it and play golf with a smile.”

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