Binance NFT Cuts Polygon From Its Roster, Should You Worry?

  • Tensions between Binance and Polygon rise as the exchange’s NFT subsidiary drops and cuts ties with the network. 
  • Binance shared unconvincing reasons for its decision. 
  • Although Binance hasn’t shared a lot of details, the community has made some convincing speculations. 

From solvency concerns to trading pair delistings, Binance problems continue to pile on. Adding to its extensive list of issues, the exchange is now cutting Polygon NFTs from its marketplace, citing several unconvincing reasons. 

With Polygon considered a titan in the NFT space, should Binance removing Polygon NFTs from its platform be considered worrisome?

Binance Ends Support For Polygon NFTs

On Friday, August 8, Binance announced a major overhaul of its NFT marketplace. The exchange shared that ‘after careful consideration and evaluation,’ it would discontinue several programs, including ‘The Sandbox NFT Staking Program’ and support for Polygon NFTs. 

Binance NFT reasoned that it primarily aims to streamline its product offerings. Effective September 26, users will no longer be able to buy, deposit, offer, or list NFTs from the Polygon Network on Binance NFT Marketplace. Binance noted that all impacted listings would be automatically canceled, and the corresponding NFTs would be returned to users’ accounts. 

To avoid any disruptions, Binance strongly recommended that users withdraw their Polygon-based NFTs from the marketplace by September 31. 

Although Binance has assured that it will provide more details at a later date, considering Polygon’s status in the NFT space, the exchange’s decision to end support for the network doesn’t make sense for a lot of community members. 

Why is Binance Cutting Ties with Polygon? 

At press time, Polygon ranked third by NFT sales volume, recording over $32 million in sales over the past month, as per data aggregator CryptoSlam. 

Although Binance hasn’t explicitly stated the reasons behind its decision, some speculate that regulatory pressures and concerns about Polygon’s unregistered security status might have played a role.

The exchange recently delisted all BUSD pairs and Cardano pairs, both of which have been scrutinized by regulators. 

Adding to potential reasons, there have been rumors circulating that Polygon Foundation dumped MATIC on Binance, which may have led to the exchange cutting ties. While uncertainties, rumors, and speculations pile up surrounding Binance, the exchange’s topman, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, assured that everything is safe, dispelling any concerns amid these turbulent times. 

On the Flipside

Why This Matters

Polygon is one of the most decorated networks in the NFT space, hosting some of the biggest names in the industry. Binance’s sudden decision to drop the network reveals a worrying trend. 

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