Do You Hang Photos of Friends in Your Home?

Joanna Goddard Brooklyn house home tour apartment

My marriage ended eight months ago, and since then I’ve been slowly updating the framed photos around our house…

I didn’t instantly take down the photos of Alex since he’s still a big, important part of our lives, of course, and I didn’t want the boys to feel like all evidence of him had suddenly disappeared. (And they still have photos of him in their bedrooms, which will stay put.) But it feels like it’s time now, and I’ve slowly been swapping them out.

jean goddard Lulu

I hung this photo of my mom and aunt Lulu dancing. How cute are they?

Cornwall england goddard gate

And this picture of the gate to my grandmother’s house, which feels like a deep breath.

Coney Island with kids

And this photo of the boys at Coney Island, those little faces!

But here’s my question: Can I also hang photos of friends in our house? Or is that weird? (Is it weird to even wonder if it’s weird?!) I mean, it’s our place, we can do whatever we want, of course, but I feel hesitant, like will someone feel like it’s too intimate or overstepping if they come over and there they are in our family gallery wall? Something about it also feels vulnerable.

Christmas in Brooklyn

For example, I adore this photo of my friend Kath and her daughter. She invited me over last Christmas, since the boys were with Alex, and we had the LOVELIEST day making soup and playing games and eating cookies with her big family. I felt very taken care of and I’ll never forget it.

Jenny Rosenstrach erin Jang

And how radiant are Jenny and Erin?

Paris apartment

This photo of my friend Claire on our Paris trip is a favorite.

pedicure feet

And I like this snapshot of my and Gemma’s feet after treating ourselves to pedicures.

So, I’m curious: Do you hang framed photos of friends in your home? Is it a thing or not really “done”? I think I’ll go for it regardless because I love them.

P.S. Do or don’t: ice in wine, mustaches and wedding first looks. Plus here’s our full Brooklyn house tour, if you’d like to see.

(Top photo of our living room by Alpha Smoot.)

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