Immunity Mattress Review – A Beautiful Mess

After recently sharing our daughter’s Princess Bedroom reveal, I wanted to share more details about the mattresses we choose for our home. Today, I am sharing my review of our new Shop Therapedic mattress. If you listen to our podcast, you probably know we have been purchasing Agility Mattresses for years and we recently chose Immunity Mattresses for both our children’s bedrooms and our main bedroom in our new home.

In this post, I will share my review of the Immunity mattresses and if you like, you can see our Agility Mattress review here. Stay tuned below for our discount code!

Choosing a quality mattress is something that has become more and more important to me over time. There is such a stark difference when we stay at an Airbnb on an uncomfortable mattress—it’s jarring now that we are used to our incredible mattresses. We now have only Agility and Immunity mattresses in all the bedrooms of our home, so let me tell you more about why I love them!

Which Immunity mattresses did we choose?

For our main bedroom, we chose the Immunity Terracotta Medium Firm Copper mattress. It is an absolute dream to sleep on (more on this below!) and my favorite mattress I have ever owned. I am super impressed by it and would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a soft and firm mattress—it’s the perfect mix of both.

For our children’s bedrooms, we chose the Immunity Cinnamon Firm Copper mattresses. They are the perfect children’s mattresses and very comfortable as well. I lay on my kids’ beds pretty often for stories, snuggles, etc., and I never want to leave once laying down. It’s very nice!

Reasons I love our Immunity mattresses:

Comfort – Far and away this is the most comfortable mattress I have ever tried. Recently, I was laying in bed and I said to my husband, “Isn’t our bed the best place in the world?” (He agreed.) I wish I would have known what a big difference mattresses can make. When I was younger, I had a lot of sleeping issues, but I honestly never thought a mattress could help. Recently, I am sleeping better than ever!

100-Night Risk-Free Trial – It can take 30 days for your body to adjust to a new mattress, so this trial gives you plenty of time to be sure you made the right choice for you.

Free Delivery – Your mattress will arrive in a box that seems way too small to fit a mattress, they are packed so well. They are easy to unbox and use right away and delivery is free.

It wouldn’t be a complete review without sharing any downsides of the product. My honest opinion is the only downside of these mattresses is the price. They are definitely not the cheapest mattresses on the market and I can understand why the price would create pause for a budget-minded shopper. With that in mind, I encourage you to shop their sales (which are amazing!). There is one going on now and we regularly share significant sales and discount codes on our podcast as well.

Labor Day Sale

  1. Labor Day Sale. Save 20% off any mattress and get 2 FREE temp-regulating, memory foam pillows. Sale ends 9/4.
  2. After Labor Day, use the code ABM to receive $300 off any mattress.

To try an Immunity mattress in person, find a retailer near you.

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored. However, we have a long-term sponsor relationship with Shop Therapedic, both on our blog and podcast, and I did receive a free mattress as well as a discount on other mattresses for our new home.

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