Millman defends Simona Halep and rips WTA and players for lack of support

Millman defends Simona Halep and rips WTA and players for lack of support
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Simona Halep’s doping issue still hasn’t found a solution and Australian tennis player John Millman has come out to support the Romanian tennis player. Halep has been charged with a double count of doping by ITIA, but there is a clear delay in sentencing.The ITIA provisionally suspended Halep in October last year after she tested positive for the banned substance roxadustat at the 2022 US Open.

In May 2023, ITIA charged Halep with an additional charge regarding her biological athlete passport.John Millman called the situation shameful and criticized the WTA and his colleagues, tooHe wrote on X: “Today I found out that the decision in my case, which was expected this week, will be further delayed.

This is terribly disappointing, as I have consistently said that all I ask for is to be judged. The ITIA delays in regards to Simona Halep‘s case is a disgrace. One way or the other she shouldn’t be constantly mucked around like this.

I’m a little surprised more on the WTA, admin and players, haven’t come out condemning the process It’s been a joke. Simona is in tennis purgatory due to constant delays in proceedings from the ITIA. Her colleagues should have her back and broadcast it in the public forum.

Allowing her a proper and fair hearing. If you walked in her shoes you ‘d at least want that. Regardless of the findings.”

Simona Halep: fans are with them

Many have written messages of support for the tennis player, enhancing her resilience and willingness to never give up.Among the messages from the fans, a simple one emerges: “We love you Simona, she’ll be back on the court soon,” or even a more clear-cut one: “I am amazed every time by your willpower.

Your beautiful smile can drive away even the darkest clouds. Thank you for making us part of your story, both on and off the tennis court.”Simona replied to many fans, thanking them for their passion and their messages of love.

The tennis player was among the tennis players registered on the Us Entry List Open 2023 but the verdict on the doping case was slow in coming and this led the organizers to have to exclude the tennis player, despite them.Many journalists and prominent people from the tennis world have expressed solidarity with Simona and have condemned the bureaucratic slowness in this affair.

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