Nets announce 2023-24 schedule with the funniest kind of rip-off

Sometimes, your best option is to just do what someone else has already done.

The Brooklyn Nets clearly wanted to have fun with their 2023-24 schedule release on Thursday, and landed on a full imitation (ahem, inspiration) of one of the NFL’s best schedule release videos earlier this year, the Tennessee Titans‘ team logo guessing game.

The premise is simple. Find random, non-sports fans on the street, show them the logo of your opponents and have them guess what the team name could be. It’s simple, it’s cheap and it’s hilarious. Instead of Nashville’s Broadway Street, the Nets went to Coney Island and filmed some people with truly inspiring confidence:

Our personal favorites were “LSU Tigers” (Los Angeles Lakers), “Shazam” (Orlando Magic), “Pennsylvania Phillies” (Houston Rockets), “The Exploding Field Goal” (San Antonio Spurs) and “Ant Man’s Wife” (Charlotte Hornets). You can really see what some of them were thinking in a few of them.

For posterity, here’s the OG video that inspired the Nets, which is still amazing:

Now we wait and see which NBA team has the time, energy and resources to make an anime video.

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