OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Raises Alarm Over US War Against Crypto

  • US regulators have been giving hell to crypto companies in the country this year. 
  • Sam Altman voiced his concerns about the United States’ stance toward cryptocurrencies. 
  • The OpenAI CEO characterized the government’s recent action as nothing short of a ‘war on crypto.’ 

The United States government has been cracking down hard on cryptocurrencies, aiming its regulatory cannons at major exchanges and cryptocurrencies in the country. The barrage of lawsuits, spearheaded by the DOJ and SEC, is sending shockwaves through the industry and driving innovation out of the country. 

In the chorus of dissenting voices against the crackdown, joining the stage is Sam Altman, the AI pioneer behind ChatGPT, who is worried about the US war against cryptocurrencies. 

Sam Altman Concerned About the US’ Actions

On a recent podcast with Joe Rogan, Sam Altman shed light on the overall crypto industry and voiced his concerns about the United States’ aggressive stance towards it. Altman expressed his disappointment with the government’s recent flurry of enforcement actions and its perceived efforts to assert control over Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, characterizing it as nothing short of a ‘war on crypto.’

Altman’s sentiment was clear:

 “I’m disappointed that the U.S. government has done recently, but the war on crypto, which I think is a, like, we can’t give this up, we’re going to control [bitcoin and crypto] makes me quite sad about the country,” 

The OpenAI CEO also expressed apprehensions about the US ambitions of a ‘surveillance state,’ particularly through the introduction of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)

In a contrasting tone, Altman expressed his excitement and appreciation for Bitcoin, underlining the significance of having a global currency independent of government influence. 

On the Flipside

  • While CBDCs remain a topic of discussion among US lawmakers and regulators, Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Chair, has indicated such a technology remains a distant project. 
  • Sam Altman remains a controversial figure in the crypto ecosystem, drawing scrutiny for scanning eyeballs for his Worldcoin project. 

Why This Matters

The United States government’s actions have shaken the crypto industry to its core. Prominent figures, including Sam Altman, have stepped forward to scrutinize the government’s moves publicly. This could potentially galvanize supporters and draw other esteemed tech visionaries into the fray, all in the name of safeguarding financial sovereignty and the future of cryptocurrencies.

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