Patrick Mouratoglou excludes Roger Federer from Top-5 best serves ever

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With every ranking he publishes on his Instagram account, Patrick Mouratoglou generates controversial reactions. After having drawn up the ranking of the best forehands of all time, the former coach of Serena Williams and Simona Halep listed the ranking of the best 5 serves of all time and, surprisingly, he decided to exclude Roger Federer.

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The French coach assigned the 1st position in his personal ranking to the serve of the former American tennis player John Isner. Serena Williams’ former coach motivates her based on impeccable serving technique, combined with her considerable height to produce lightning serves that were very difficult to return.

The second serve also had a notable bounce which made the opponents very uncomfortable, according to the French coach. For Mouratoglou it was the best serve in the history of tennis.

The best services ever according Mouratoglou

In 2nd position, Mouratoglou places Nick Kyrgios, motivating it because the Australian tennis player stands out for exceptional precision and power in his serve, his second serve is also excellent.

3rd position for Ivo Karlovic. “The Croatian giant is among the best hitters in history also for his ability to find angles with remarkable precision. He is also very good at volleying,” explained Mouratoglou.

4th position for Pete Sampras. “The 14-time Slam champion, even without being two meters tall, has one of the best serves in the history of tennis. His precision and also his ability to throw the ball are remarkable,” said the French coach.

Finally for Mouratoglou in 5th position is Goran Ivanisevic.

“Novak Djokovic’s current coach stood out for his very difficult left-handed serve to return. Many aces and mainly thanks to this shot he managed to win Wimbledon in 2001,” he told.

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