Stephen King is trolling Elon Musk over Twitter’s name change

Stephen King has never been one to hide his feelings on Twitter, and it doesn’t look like he’s about to stop now that it’s called something different.

On Thursday, following the sudden rebranding of Twitter to “X” this week, the horror master took to the platform to share his thoughts on Elon Musk’s name change — and it doesn’t look like he’ll be using “X” anytime soon.

“Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter,” wrote King, splitting the words into a nicely-structured little poem form. “And in case you didn’t get that: Twitter.”

King is sharing a sentiment many others have expressed over Musk’s sudden decision to completely overhaul the 17-year-old brand, swapping the official Twitter accounts and booting an existing user off the “@x” account without giving him any money.

King has been a vocal critic of Musk’s Twitter plans for a while now, first making it clear what he thought of the decision to charge for a blue tick and then doubling down on his criticism of Musk in particular.

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