Women’s Health in the Metaverse: French Clinic Hosts Landmark Event

  • A leading French clinic hosted a metaverse event focused on women’s health. 
  • The president of the clinic spoke to DailyCoin about the healthcare metaverse. 
  • Metaverse breaks the boundaries for patients, she says. 

In recent years, the metaverse has emerged as a potential new frontier in healthcare, offering innovative ways to engage patients. One French clinic is at the forefront of this trend. 

Leading French health and services provider Clinique des Champs-Élysées is hosting a virtual open day in the metaverse on Thursday, April 20, focusing on women’s health.

The event aims to break the taboo surrounding women’s health issues and empower women to seek help for their health concerns. 

Attendees can interact with participants and doctors through chat, video, and voice while exploring the custom-built metaverse. 

The event will address topics such as pregnancy, perineal rehabilitation, G-spots, menopause, and the impact of chemotherapy treatments.

To make the event globally accessible, the clinic has partnered with virtual world creator RLTY to stream the open day live in RLTY WORLD. 

Ahead of the event, DailyCoin reached out to Tracy Cohen Sayag, President of the Clinique des Champs-Élysées. She related the clinic’s experience with metaverse platforms and their potential in healthcare. 

Can you tell me something about your experiences with various metaverse platforms concerning their uses in health care? 

The first event we organized in the metaverse aimed to raise public awareness about overweight and obesity, an important medical and social issue for which we wanted to play a role. We invited participants to join Clinique des Champs-Élysées in Decentraland, one of the main virtual platforms used in the world. 

The event was a great success, with more than 1500 participants connected throughout the day. However, we found the graphics to be somewhat basic, and the interaction between participants was not satisfactory.

For the second edition dedicated to women’s intimate health, we chose to change universes. We switched to a platform by RLTY, a company specializing in the design of virtual events. 

How fast do you think healthcare clinics are adopting metaverse technology?

We are the first players in the healthcare sector to offer such an experience. The concept is unprecedented. Educating people about social issues on the metaverse and proposing concrete solutions to fight their consequences is a unique initiative.

What is certain is that the metaverse offers extremely promising prospects in the field of healthcare, both for improving patient journeys and for improving healthcare, which could undergo a real revolution. 

Metaverse Could Improve Healthcare Access for Women Worldwide

One of the main advantages of the metaverse in healthcare is improving access for patients across the globe. For that reason, we asked Tracy Cohen Sayag to share her insights on . 

How does this affect women in developing countries who already have problems accessing intimate care?

Women’s intimate health is still a very taboo health issue, little addressed by the media, and about which women still do not dare to speak. For example, 52% of women with vaginal atrophy have waited at least six months before consulting a professional. 

Our initiative in the metaverse allows women with issues related to their intimate health to come and learn and exchange on the subject, and this in a relaxed manner, since they can choose to participate completely anonymously. 

This is a major advantage offered by the metaverse and contributes to the success of the events we organize.

Does the metaverse create new barriers, for example, for people who lack the technical skills to interact with it?

The advantage of the metaverse is, first and foremost, its ease of access and use. It only takes one click to attend our event, and anyone who is more or less proficient in digital technology has the ability to navigate within our virtual clinic.

I think we are at a pivotal period for the metaverse: its technological and digital progress will undoubtedly surprise us in the coming years, particularly when it will be possible to navigate in different universes equipped with virtual reality headsets. We are at the beginning of a real digital revolution.

On the Flipside 

  • Clinique des Champs-Élysées is among several healthcare providers that jumped on the metaverse trend. For instance, a UAE firm announced launching the first hospital in the metaverse in July 2022.
  • In December 2021, Healthcare providers Dehealth and Aimedis both announced their own healthcare metaverses. 

Why You Should Care

Adopting the metaverse in healthcare could have significant implications for the future of patient care and medical education. Specifically, benefits for patients include improved access, better health education, and better patient experience. 

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