The US Open CEO on Juan Martin Del Potro: “He is welcome”

Juan Martin Del Potro said that he would like to end his career with one last tournament: the Us Open 2023. The response from the CEO of the American Slam, Stacey Allaster, also arrived on time. She immediately accepted Del Potro’s desire, saying he was happy with this possibility.

Del Potro’s fan base is huge, if he wants to play he’s welcome, it’s no problem for us,” enthused the tournament boss. For this to happen, the Argentine legend, whose last match played dates back to February 2022 against Federico Delbonis, in what should have been his farewell match, would have to receive a wild card from the Grand Slam, now having no more points in the standings, in order to enter the draw or play the qualifiers.

Del Potro is a real star at home, but also beyond national borders. The US Open legend has always garnered great acclaim among fans of this sport, not only for his skill on the playing courts, but also for his incredible kindness and grace outside of him.

Del Potro’s words

Juan Martin Del Potro could make the last appearance of his long career at the 2023 US Open. What initially seemed to be an imaginative and difficult hypothesis could materialize between now and the end of August, the month in which the tournament will be held in Flushing Meadows .

During the night between Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 April, the Argentine champion, now thirty-four, had revealed to the press that he wanted to close the circle, in what was probably his dearest tournament, the New York slam, won in 2009.

He said: “The my goal is to be ready to play an official match in the tournament. I don’t know if I’ll be in top condition or not, but if my last tennis match should be this year, I would like it to be at the US Open.” Then again: “I will work hard for the last time, perhaps, in my career, then you never know. God will decide if I’m ready or not.”

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