What will the Lakers do at the trade deadline?

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Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Vincent Goodwill is joined by Los Angeles Times Lakers beat writer Dan Woike to discuss the weird season the team has had so far, talk about the different options they have on the trade market, and wonder if the Clippers could be gaining turf in L.A.

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On this episode of the Good Word with Goodwill podcast, Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Vincent Goodwill is joined by Dan Woike from the L.A. Times to talk all things Los Angeles Lakers (and a little bit of Clippers).

The guys start by discussing D’Angelo Russell, who can’t seem to keep his name out of trade rumors despite playing fantastic basketball over the last few weeks. Dan talks about what has changed and why Russell is probably going to stay in the Lakers trade rumors.

Dan recently wrote for the Times about which players around the NBA make sense as targets on the trade market for the Lakers, so the guys talk about each of those and lay them out as three separate paths the team could take at the trade deadline. Will they go for the big swing? Will they add some role players? Or will they decide that they’re a good enough playoff team now and stand pat? And how would LeBron James feel about that?

Speaking of LeBron, the guys talk about how difficult it is to build a roster around him at age 39 and then wonder if he’s going to test the free agency waters after this season. He has a player option but has voiced a desire to be on the same team as his son, Bronny. And how will he factor his post-playing career aspirations into his decision?

Dan thinks that Zach LaVine makes a ton of sense for the Lakers as a trade target, and he explains why while also saying that the Lakers front office doesn’t seem that interested in a player with issues staying healthy and a large contract on the books. How low would the asking price need to be for the Lakers to re-engage with the Bulls on trade talks?

Finally, the Los Angeles Clippers have been awesome this season and might be opening up a championship window for their team. Vinnie wonders how many local fans the team will pick up along the way, and Dan does his best to explain how and why the Clippers will always be the 2nd NBA team in town.

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