Barbara Corcoran Opens Up About Dyslexia, Feeling Inadequate

Barbara Corcoran is known as the quick-witted “Shark Tank” star who even billionaires like Mark Cuban look to for advice.

But the real estate mogul says she wasn’t always confident, especially growing up with dyslexia.

“If I wasn’t dyslexic and I didn’t have a hard time in school, I don’t think I would have been successful, believe it or not, because I think everything I’ve done in my life has been one long attempt to show the world that I’m not stupid,” Corcoran said in an episode of the Diary of a CEO podcast appearance posted on her Instagram page.

One way Corcoran learned to increase her confidence was to use people doubting her as motivation — even when she doubted herself. If she found herself in an “insecure situation,” she replaced negative self-talk with positive affirmations.

She suggests we “replace the tape” in the way we talk about ourselves.

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“It takes a lot to get over the damage done if your self-perception is a negative one from the get-go,” Corcoran told viewers.

Corcoran, of course, is the founder of one of the most successful real estate companies in the world (The Corcoran Group). She’s also invested millions in entrepreneur’s businesses.

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Barbara Corcoran’s net worth is an estimated $100 million.

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