When Confidence Helps Project Managers — and When It Gets Them into Trouble

There’s a popular fallacy that encourages big-project managers to forge ahead as quickly as they can, on the basis that the payoffs will likely be bigger than they imagine. A careful empirical analysis of more than 2,000 big-project outcomes by the authors of this article, experts in project management and behavioral science, suggests that this is not the case — a Just-Do-It strategy ends badly 80% of the time. Case in point: the career of Ferdinand de Lesseps, builder of the Suez Canal, who also attempted ta Panama Canal, a venture that ended in disaster – for its backers, the people working on the project, and de Lesseps’ own reputation.

Source link: https://hbr.org/2023/10/when-confidence-helps-project-managers-and-when-it-gets-them-into-trouble




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