Founder Of Anti-Woke Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer Defends ‘American Values’ – ‘It’s Wild What’s Going On Right Now’

After seeing Bud Light lose billions in the wake of going woke by teaming up with the transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney for an ad campaign earlier this year, Freedom Speaks Up CEO Seth Weathers saw an “opportunity.”

That’s what led him to launch the “100% woke free” Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer, which he says has “blown up overnight!”

‘It’s Wild What’s Going On Right Now’

Weathers credits the success of his beer brand to the fact that it champions American values over woke ideologies.

“It’s wild what’s going on right now,” Weathers told Fox Business. “Americans are looking for companies that are not woke that support their American values, our American values.”

“I think people have finally had enough of woke corporations,” he continued. “And so I think when people are given an opportunity to look at a brand that’s not woke, they’re going to take the opportunity. We’ve moved into that position. And I think that you’re going to see us continue to grow for decades to come.”

After the Mulvaney campaign, conservatives launched a highly effective boycott of Bud Light that resulted in it being dethroned as the No. 1 Selling Beer Brand on a dollar basis in America.

“I think it just shows you where Americans are,” Weathers said of this Bud Light debacle. “There was a point that we reached where enough was enough. And I think that’s where a lot of Americans were at. And I think that’s why Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right beer has been such a huge success.”

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‘100% Woke Free Beer’

When he founded Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer, Weathers was determined to make a “100% woke free” beer that could be enjoyed by “everyone.”

“We wanted a beer that everyone could drink,” he said. “Everyone, that’s a broad term, obviously, but there are a lot of people who would appreciate and enjoy. A lot of Americans would enjoy drinking as a regular beer to have on a weekend.”

“You don’t want to drink an IPA all the time,” he added. “You also don’t want to drink beer flavored water all the time. So it is a very good mix somewhere in the middle from flavor and AB value as well.”

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Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer’s Success

Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer has already secured statewide distribution in Georgia and Arkansas, and it has other states lined up as well. Weathers was shocked by how fast the brand was able to do this, as that kind of speed in securing state distribution is not common in the beer industry.

“We’re sending in this beer out by the tractor trailer load,” he said. “You can go up to your local package store, and you’ve got all those other brands we talked about and you got Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer displayed right next to them.”

“So this doesn’t happen in the beer industry,” Weathers concluded. “You don’t just all of a sudden get statewide distribution and stores all over the place. It’s what the people have done and they’ve demanded it. And that’s what’s caused this.”

It’s safe to say that Bud Light has learned the hard way by now that “go woke, go broke” is very real indeed. Other brands should take notice of the success of the anti-woke Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer, because this is clearly the kind of product that American consumers want right now!

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