Jimmy Connors blasts Alexander Zverev’s words on Olympics

Jimmy Connors blasts Alexander Zverev’s words on Olympics
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German tennis player Alexander Zverev has appeared to be making a clear recovery after the serious injury he suffered last season. Several excellent results with the German also officially back in the Top-10.

Now even Zverev has an excellent chance of playing in the ATP Finals in Turin, a tournament that he has already won and where he can represent one of the surprises of this season.

Zverev will be one of the protagonists of the Vienna tournament next week but in these hours he is the protagonist due to his statements, words that are back in fashion. After the victory at the Olympics Zverev stated that he considered this success superior to the victory of any Slam, words which he then reiterated several times and also recently.

Zverev stated, as reported by the BBC: “I don’t want to talk about Grand Slam tournaments because I just won an Olympic tournament and there is nothing more important than the Olympic Games in the world of sport.”

Jimmy Connors talked about Zverev’s words

These statements are often targeted by tennis players and former tennis players and in the last few hours they have been commented on by Jimmy Connors and his son Brett, during the Advantage Connors Podcast.

Brett told his father that he was very clear about it: “I know that Olympic tennis became a sport after you retired but I wanted to know your opinion on those words.”

Jimmy immediately agreed in the question and answer session and commented: “Everyone has their own thoughts and feelings about it, but as far as I’m concerned I prefer and would have always preferred to win a Slam. Then I’m me and the question is subjective , everyone has their own thoughts.”

After a few words from Brett, Jimmy then continued: “I think the Olympics is one of those things that, once you have a lot of Grand Slam titles, you think you’re going to get to complete your CV or something like that. I find his words interesting especially given that he says that he would rather have an Olympic medal than a Slam and he says this when in fact he hasn’t won a Slam yet.”

Zverev has had his chances several times between the semi-final and the sensational final of 2020 at the US Open but so far he has never managed to triumph.

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