What Do You Always Pack for a Trip?



Tonight I’m leaving for Paris (here’s my packing list, same as last year!), and I realized there are four things I bring on every trip…

* A funny book. I used to accidentally pack sad books and then walk around in a cloud of malaise! So, now I make sure to go for comedic novels. If you’re looking for one, I’d highly recommend the new Good Material by Dolly Alderton, or my long-time fave, Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason.

* Packing cubes. After years of hearing friends rave about them, I finally tried them and have been converted. All your underwear in one cube, socks in another, pajamas in a third… so satisfying! I’ll never go back to just mashing everything into a suitcase.

* . I always use a carry-on, so since I can’t bring a regular sized perfume, I treated myself to a that smells incredible. It feels soooo good and revitalizing after a long flight to arrive at your Airbnb, take a shower, and emerge feeling so clean and fresh.

* Black ballet flats. You can slip them into your suitcase or even purse, since they’re so flat, and then wear them with anything — dresses, skirts, jeans, with socks in the winter. (See sock examples here!) I scored these Loeffler Randall flats on sale, but I also like these cuties and these velvet ones.

What do you always bring on trips? Please share below… oh, and of course, portable chargers!

P.S. The weirdest best part of vacations, how to enjoy family travel, and what’s your #1 travel tip?

(Top photo from Bridesmaids)

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