Mirka, the star behind Roger Federer’s successes

“I would especially like to thank my amazing wife Mirka, who lived every minute with me. She warmed me up before the finals, watched countless matches for over 20 years.” This is what Roger Federer said in his message announcing his retirement.

Farewell which materialized at the Laver Cup 2022, in London. Just a few weeks after Serena Willimas’ retirement at the US Open. Miroslava Mirka Vavrinec, tennis player discovered by Marina Navratilova, withdrew due to a serious injury in 2002, while Roger, the following year, in 2003, won his first Grand Slam at Wimbledon.

Mirka first went from being Roger Federer’s girlfriend, then as a manager and finally as a psychologist. To then become his wife and mother of his two sets of twins. Mirka has been alongside Roger in victories and defeats, she taught him to keep the media at bay, the very high expectations, the pressure of events and opponents, and also about fashion, sobriety and class.

After one of her Wimbledon victories, Roger said: “Everyone says I’m the best ever, but I need Mirka to be the best.”

Mirka, the star behind Roger Federer’s successes

During a recent interview with Sportworld microphones, Roger recalled how important his wife was in his career.

Here are his words: “I think that every wife is important for a Mario and obviously my case is no different. She has been mentioned often in my career and she has done a really great job. She has come to every training and every match of mine for years, she still did this now but obviously with children the situation is different.

Now let’s say it’s normal for you to miss a few workouts. She has been very important in my life, not just in tennis but in general. She has always lived thinking about my interests and the best for me and she has never detached.

” Federer also said: “When I got engaged to Mirka, I didn’t have any titles yet. She is a strong and intelligent woman who has had a huge impact on me both on and off the court. She gave me confidence and she taught me to always do my best.

Also, she stood by me after every loss. She never let my professional gaming activity interfere with our daily lives. Mirka has kept our friends and family together, as well as showing me how important it is to go your own way without paying too much attention to the media or detractors.

Our life together is intense and exciting, we like to joke together. We have given birth to four children and are doing everything we can to ensure a bright future for them.”

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