Recommended Reading: The websites that make ChatGPT and other AI sound smart

Kevin Schaul, Szu Yu Chen and Nitasha Tiku, The Washington Post

AI chatbots are all the rage on the internet right now, but how much do you know about how the tech is being trained? The Washington Post explains how text that’s mostly scraped from the internet is ingested and transformed into human-like speech, including training material from “proprietary, personal and often offensive websites.”

J. Clara Chan, The Hollywood Reporter

Being a celebrity in the social media age means playing a constant game of whack-a-mole fighting imposters. The Hollywood Reporter explains how paid verification has only increased the challenge and how companies like Social Imposter are enlisted to help. 

Yussef Cole and Emile Bokaer, Polygon

A story about how “a framework of murky legality, hacked-together hardware and mysterious actors,” something more akin to spies and espionage, is being used to access things like video games and Game of Thrones in Cuba.

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